WELCOME to STAGE FOR KIDS ACADEMY - official launch, 15th dec 2021

Your Online Dramatic Speech & Theatrics Classroom.

Welcome to your online speech, drama and character building program! Join your favorite teachers from Stage for Kids Global; anytime and anywhere. This subscription-based program is for children ages 3 to 9 years old. Become a Stage for Kids Academic!

Participate in Exciting Lesson Modules!

Including Dramatic Storytime, What's in the Mystery Box, Craft, Quiz Time, Hey Puppet, & Many More!

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Lessons Conducted by Real Trainers & Guests!

Your favorite Trainers including Teacher Emil & Teacher Nadia will take you on fun and dramatic adventures!

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That Connects, Educates, Cultivates & Inspires through segments like The Five!, What Can I Do? & Craft Alternatives!

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Awesome Curriculum to Ignite Interest...

& Participation! Popular themes and characters make up the many program curriculum on this platform; and more to be added!

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You Are Brave. You Are Kind. You Can Share Your Voice.

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Stage for Kids Online Academy Trainers

Here are a few of our dramatic Stage for Kids Online Academy Trainers. Join our platform and let's get awesome!

Teacher Emil

CEO & Founder, Stage for Kids Global & Network

Teacher Nadia

Senior Trainer, Stage for Kids Global

Teacher Amu

Senior Trainer, Art Masters
Bringing Life into Imagination. Dramatically.

What Our Online Academy & Curriculum Offer

Learning opportunities are endless! Our Dramatic Speech with Theatrics Program work on speech, drama, creative theatre, language and character building in young children ages 9 years old and below. We have been in the field for two decades. We' now present to you our program online.

Dramatic Storytelling

Dramatic Storytelling is an integral part of our program; stories inspire language, expression, critical thinking and endless imagination!

Real Trainers

Part of our program's success is the human touch of our dramatic trainers. Our trainers are now online to continue with many virtual adventures!

Holistic Online Lessons!

Our lessons are holistic. Children have opportunities to participate and contribute towards various lesson goals, via games, quizzes, and more!